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“Mes Illustrations Textile” alias Feltworker Cindy Larrat

Feltworker Cindy Larrat

This week I would like to introduce Cindy Larrat and her label “Mes Illustrations textile”, to you. 

Cindy is the only “real” French of our Feltworker Team. She lives in Lyon where she realizes since 2009 cute stuff for kids and trendy clothing for women . Her brand is “Mes Illustrations Tactiles». 

Cindy Larrat makes trendy nuno felt fashion

 Cindy lives in a whimsy world and describes herself as a daydreamer. From an early age of 6, Cindy wanted to be a fashion designer and therefor studied art and fashion design. But she finally first started working as a textile illustrator. 

When she discovered felt making in early 2006, she chose professionalize in this amazing technique. Between 2006 to 2008 she became a trainee in the precious felt studio «Hut Up», Berlin (Germany) where she specialized in wet and Nuno felt techniques.

"Mes Illustrations tactiles" is a whimsey felt art brand located in Lyon, France

Today Cindy manufactures one of a kind clothing, fashion accessories, unusual artwork and home decoration. Each pièce is exclusively made by hand from finest merino wool, rubbed with soapy water into high quality fabrics (nuno felting).

All her creations are unique, seamless, with clean lines, and random graphs.
Despite the diversity of scales, subjects and functions, her creations are always like an illustrated book - a story in three dimensions.
In a narrative way, she likes to play with colors and textures, with a special attention to graphic details.

Felted art work with heart by "Mes Illustrations Tactiles"

Check out her poetic universe, inspired by nature here:

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Ariane Mariane / Paris

Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris, combines graphical design and fiber art to make her easily recognizable, outstanding pieces.
Formed in architecture and graphical textil design she creates wall-hangings, sculptures, home decor, wearable art and accessories mostly by wet felting and stitching techniques. Her style is fancy and playful. She uses powerful colors and joyful designs in a narrative way with a lot of humor.


Mariane - art textile / Paris, associe dans son travail éclectique, un style graphique très personnel à un grand savoir-faire du feutrage et une passion pour le piquée libre. Formée en architecture et en design graphique textile à Paris, l’artiste, d'origine allemande, crée des tentures murales, sculptures, décoration, installations mais aussi de l’art vestimentaire et des accessoires

A travers son univers joyeux, Ariane Mariane nous invite à nous reconnecter avec l'enfance, ce monde magique où tout est possible. Elle cherche avant tout à nous étonner et à nous faire sourire. Chaque création nous propose de laisser libre cours à notre imagination et de l'adapter à nos envies.

Loin de la fabrication industrielle de masse et de son uniformité, les créations d'Ariane Mariane sont entièrement réalisées à la main, en respectant au maximum l'environnement. Durables et intemporelles, elles s'opposent à un monde où tout va vite et nous invitent à faire une pause...