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Atsuko Sasaki – Taneno

I'm very exited to introduce this week featured Feltworker, awesome AtsukoSasaki, alias "Taneno." to you. There are so many beautiful creations, that it was hard to choose which one I want to show to you here, so please be sure you check out all the links to see more about her stunning art!

Talented feltworker Atsuko Sasaki with her beautiful work

Atsuko Sasaki is a Japanese felt artiste, living and working in Gifu, Japan. Her label is called “Taneno”.

Graduated in Oil Painting from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts in 1993, Atsuko work ever since as an artist. She’s participating in group exhibitions as well as holding solo shows. Asuko’s says: “I want to create ART with wool! I want to use wool as my paint! That is my world of felt — wool art that starts with an artistic point of view. I began to create accessible artwork that anyone can hold, use, and touch.”

Fancy art bag by japanese felt artist Atsuko Sasaki

Therefor Atsuko creates bags, scarves, hats and necklace, each one an outstanding piece of art. "Carry art♪" means to live with art.  That’s the concept of “taneno.” Atsuko Sasaki’s art label.

"Taneno." is art for body and soul

She works with felt for 15 years. Self-taught she learned all she knows the hard way by countless failures and endless researches. She usually spends 6 to 10 hours every day in her home studio.  Her handmade felt is very strong and high quality due to a great efforts. She wants to achieve the smoothest finish and endlessly rubs and compresses wool fibers with her hands until it is as strong as it can get. Wool has a soothing nature, but the work that goes into it is physical!

When Astuko begins a piece, she first draw the design in a sketchbook and creates the pattern paper, based on the sketch. Although she creates the same design with different colors, each design is individually unique, and no two are the same.

Amazing forms and very cool design - art bag by "Taneno"

Nature is her source of inspiration. Atsuko loves the shape and organically smooth curves of plants. They remind her of the softness and warmness of wool. Images get formed in her imagination and slowly a new design is born.
The artiste lobes the freedom wool felting admits. The felt medium allows her to freely design organic forms, the awesome irregular shapes are not possible with other materials. Even unusual shapes of bags are created without any seams.  These couldn’t be done with cloth and a sewing machine.
Atsuko’s wool felt bags are strong enough to enjoy them a lifetime.

Arty braclet hand felted by Atsuko Sasaki

Her work is labeled and sold under the name "taneno." Tane means plant seeds in Japanese. The planted seeds eventually grow into a big tree. A big tree develops out of a small seed. Seeds are small in size but house incredible potential. This is what Atsuko adore about seeds, and that’s why they became the namesake of her brand.  

Funky textile sculpture by "Taneno"

Enjoy her high quality felt artwork filled with love here:

website →
Facebook at, as Felt art taneno. or Atsuko Sasaki.

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Ariane Mariane / Paris

Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris, combines graphical design and fiber art to make her easily recognizable, outstanding pieces.
Formed in architecture and graphical textil design she creates wall-hangings, sculptures, home decor, wearable art and accessories mostly by wet felting and stitching techniques. Her style is fancy and playful. She uses powerful colors and joyful designs in a narrative way with a lot of humor.


Mariane - art textile / Paris, associe dans son travail éclectique, un style graphique très personnel à un grand savoir-faire du feutrage et une passion pour le piquée libre. Formée en architecture et en design graphique textile à Paris, l’artiste, d'origine allemande, crée des tentures murales, sculptures, décoration, installations mais aussi de l’art vestimentaire et des accessoires

A travers son univers joyeux, Ariane Mariane nous invite à nous reconnecter avec l'enfance, ce monde magique où tout est possible. Elle cherche avant tout à nous étonner et à nous faire sourire. Chaque création nous propose de laisser libre cours à notre imagination et de l'adapter à nos envies.

Loin de la fabrication industrielle de masse et de son uniformité, les créations d'Ariane Mariane sont entièrement réalisées à la main, en respectant au maximum l'environnement. Durables et intemporelles, elles s'opposent à un monde où tout va vite et nous invitent à faire une pause...