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Feltworkers Experiment N°1: Maria Friese - the Felt archaeologist

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Award wining felt wallhanging "Cercle" by felt artist Maria Friese
Those of you who read my blog on a regular base, definitively know my good friend and talented felt artist Maria Friese. These last 5-6 years we‘ve done several expositions together and I stated them on this blog. For example our latest and very successful one - a retrospective of our work in Clermont Ferrand.  
It’s always fun and constructive to work with Maria and I’m very happy to have her by my side for our Feltworker ExperimentN°1!

sculptural felt art inspired by nature - a one of a kind Maria Friese design

Maria is formed in Textile Design but now a days sees herself more as an artist. Born in Germany, she lives and works for more than 10 years  in Southwest France, near Toulouse, in a picturesque natural countryside. From her Atelier she has a spectacular view on the Pyrenean Mountains.

Initially specialized on weaving techniques, Maria came across feltmaking nearly at the end of her textile design studies. This discovery blew her mind away and completely changed her life! In opposite to all textile techniques she tried out before, feltmaking opened up endless possibilities especially in surfaces and three-dimensional design.  She was that fascinated by all these possibilities to explore, that she fully jumped into this art and became a fulltime felt artist. 
Felt vase bu Maria Friese - felt design

Since 2006 Maria runs her own workshop. Her work is presented in French Galleries and expositions all over Europe. In 2013, her work “Cycle” – a monumental three-dimensional Wall hanging - won the “Young Designer Award” by Atelier Art de France. This precious prize honors excellent art of talented young designers and artists on an annual base.  

monumental, award winning felt art wall hanging by Maria Friese - felt design

Maria’s work is inspired by nature and geometry. Primarily it’s the geometry of natural forms, inhabiting all living elements, that fascinates her. As she says in her own words: “Analyzing and translating symmetrical orders into an art object allows me to connect with natural creation.  Small but very poetic irregularities just happen and make the objects vivid and organic. That's what I like in felting."

Inspired by nature and geometry - felt art by Maria Friese

The hidden, inconspicuous and unusual of underwater creatures, seed pods, plants, unusual structures and fossils in nature, captivates the artist every day and makes her affirm:  "Sometimes I feel like a kind of" Felt archaeologist”. Always looking for new secret forms and creatures.”

Wonderrful worked out detail by felt artist Maria Friese

The artist loves challenges and in each single project tries to push her own skills a little further. She explores the possibilities of three-dimensional and relief techniques.  Her high quality felt work has stunningly smooth surfaces and fascinates by its meticulous elaboration. Pattern and reliefs are worked out with poetry and bluffing details. Maria loves to work felt in a manner which seems to be oppose to its qualities. On first sight her objects seem to be ceramics, but on closer look warmth and vitality - caused by the character of sheep wool - radiate.
Unusual Underwater Creatures - Maria Friese - felt design 

For Maria felting is a proper art form and the most appropriated to implement her own personal style. It allows interpreting her feelings for nature and life in her very own language. It’s Art with a huge A.

To get deeper insights in Maria's art work check these links:

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Ariane Mariane / Paris

Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris, combines graphical design and fiber art to make her easily recognizable, outstanding pieces.
Formed in architecture and graphical textil design she creates wall-hangings, sculptures, home decor, wearable art and accessories mostly by wet felting and stitching techniques. Her style is fancy and playful. She uses powerful colors and joyful designs in a narrative way with a lot of humor.


Mariane - art textile / Paris, associe dans son travail éclectique, un style graphique très personnel à un grand savoir-faire du feutrage et une passion pour le piquée libre. Formée en architecture et en design graphique textile à Paris, l’artiste, d'origine allemande, crée des tentures murales, sculptures, décoration, installations mais aussi de l’art vestimentaire et des accessoires

A travers son univers joyeux, Ariane Mariane nous invite à nous reconnecter avec l'enfance, ce monde magique où tout est possible. Elle cherche avant tout à nous étonner et à nous faire sourire. Chaque création nous propose de laisser libre cours à notre imagination et de l'adapter à nos envies.

Loin de la fabrication industrielle de masse et de son uniformité, les créations d'Ariane Mariane sont entièrement réalisées à la main, en respectant au maximum l'environnement. Durables et intemporelles, elles s'opposent à un monde où tout va vite et nous invitent à faire une pause...